Acoma Operating, LLC (“Operating”) wraps up 2022 by achieving various goals.  First, the company surpassed 100boe/d of production from its operated wells in West Texas.  Secondly, it drilled and completed its first oil and gas well in Ector County, TX on the Grove ‘A’ lease located in the TXL Field.  The Grove ‘A’ #2 well was perforated and acidized in early November and is set to be frac’d in the final week of December.  Operating was formed upon the opening of the West Texas office.  It has grown its production profile methodically and organically from a ‘grass roots’ acquisition effort.  Operating plans on surpassing the 200boe/d threshold of daily production with the completion of the Grove ‘A’ #2 well and the drilling and completion of the next Grove ‘A’ well, the #3.  Along with maintaining its current production Operating is actively acquiring additional leases in an effort to maximize production and improve cash flow.

Acoma Operating Exceeds Expectations by Reaching Several Milestones

March 3, 2023

Denver, CO to West Texas-Same goal, different views

January 1, 2021

Acoma Energy, LLC (Acoma) along with its sister company Acoma Operating, LLC have relocated their Corporate Headquarters to be closer in proximity to several new prospects located along the Central Basin Platform in the Permian Basin of West Texas. “Maintaining and executing on our vision of consistently and responsibly developing oil and gas reserves is a top priority. Giving up on Westerly facing views of the Rocky Mountains from our old office was tough however, ensuring that our day to day focus is building and producing the best projects we own and operate in West Texas is a must. We will be able to make extremely quick and concise decisions about our daily operations while actually being on location; not from hundreds of miles away” said Matthew Anderson, President of Acoma. 

Utilizing every facet of their abilities, Acoma Energy, LLC has shifted its focus away from the congested and premium priced Permian Basin to focus on acquiring and developing oil and gas properties in the little-known Marietta Basin in Love County, OK. Situated just North of the Red River which separates Texas and Oklahoma, Acoma has identified 10,000 gross acres of land which sits in the proper geological area for the development of oil and gas reserves. In a short time, Acoma has amassed a quite sizeable leasehold position and feels the acreage is prime for development and production. Initial well results from Acoma are promising and further development will certainly assist in delineating the sweeter spots of the basin. 

“Transitioning our efforts away from the Permian Basin was a bit difficult to do since we have owned and developed assets there within our company for over a decade – not to mention our family’s ownership, which spans three generations. But I just can’t make complete sense of the prices being paid in the Permian any longer – especially with deflated commodity prices. Our entrance into the Marietta Basin was strategic, aggressive, and well-executed. We are going to be able to focus our dollars on development of oil and gas reserves, not cost of entry only to be left short of drilling and development funds. I am extremely proud of our team and our abilities in this venture,” said Matthew Anderson, President of Acoma Energy, LLC. 

Acoma Energy, LLC Eyes Hidden Gem in the Southern Portion of the SCOOP Trend

December 17, 2018

Larson / Walter-Fister Wells Update

March 19, 2018

Acoma continues Delaware Basin development in multiple sections utilizing both one and two mile lateral well bores in the Wolfcamp shale. The Larson Well turned online in the 4th quarter of 2017 and is tracking with 1,100 MBOE EUR typecurve. There has been further testing in the area of frac sizes up to 4,000 pounds per foot, and the neighboring Walter-Fister well is scheduled to frac in the first quarter of 2018. More drilling is slated for the 2nd quarter of 2018. 

We are evaluating Wolfcamp shale productivity in central Eddy County, New Mexico, by implementing high proppant volumes and tight interval spacing. Acoma’s first two-mile lateral “Ghost Rider” (operated by Mewbourne Oil Company) was turned online in the 4th quarter of 2017 and the well is consistently producing 1,100 barrels per day. 

Ghost Rider in the Wolfcamp

March 14, 2018

Production Online for Development Plan in Glasscock County, TX.

February 20, 2018

In the Midland Basin, Acoma Energy is moving forward with a development plan that includes 15 wells in Glasscock County, TX named the Harris-Cook wells. These wells fall within four productive, unconventional zones utilizing two-mile lateral bores. The first three wells came online in the fourth quarter of 2017 and the remainder of the development plan is slated for completion by third quarter of 2018. The production of the wells so far has indicated ample upside to the development of the remaining locations. 

Two of Acoma Energy’s employees have received promotions in 2018 after several years of sustained great work. 

Will Lawrence, who has worked as a Land Tech for Acoma since 2014, will now expand his role significantly as the Manager of Acquisitions and Divestitures. Will is one of our longest running employees, and he has gradually built up valuable experience that he can competently apply to a broader role within the company,. 

Kelvin Caiati was hired on to the team in January of 2015 to help track and analyze Acoma’s expanding producing assets across the U.S. His consistent good judgment and business acumen have naturally grown his role from Financial Analyst to Director of Business Development and Finance. 

We look forward to continued improvement as a company with these two capable individuals now occupying roles that can further amplify their talents and experience. 

Achievement Unlocked: Two Enterprising Employees Level Up at Acoma Energy

March 3, 2018

Acoma’s April Anderson Selected as One of Denver Business Journal’s “Top Women in Energy”

July 12, 2016

Acoma Energy Controller, April Anderson, was distinguished this year by Denver Business Journal as one of their “Top Women in Energy” honorees. The women selected for this award were nominated from different fields within the energy industry – and April’s work in accounting was recognized at a VIP reception honoring 40 awardees from the Denver metropolitan area this July. Many of the honorees are also known for their volunteering and charity work outside of their day-to-day industry responsibilities, and Mrs. Anderson exemplifies that well-rounded professional model. 

Company owner and proud husband, Matthew Anderson, highlighted April’s accomplishment by describing the work ethic and big-picture mentality that brought her the recognition. “She practices her accounting procedures with the upmost integrity every day, accepts duties and responsibilities many outside our team would push aside, and is constantly working to better our company and its already bright future.  Additionally, her ongoing social work with a family whom she met during her time at Big Brothers Big Sisters is selfless and compassionate.  She has truly been a game changer for our company as well as many lives outside of our day-to-day jobs.”

Rapid growth has defined Acoma Energy LLC (“Acoma”) since its inception in 2007. This growth rate landed the young energy company on the Inc. 5000 list (recognizing the top 5,000 fastest growing companies) three times previously – in 2012, 2013, and 2014. 
2015, however, has been a more compelling story with Acoma moving into the top 500 for the first time. Flanked by number 53 Fitbit—the ubiquitous fitness tracker technology company—and online hardware sales giant Mac Warehouse (number 55), Acoma not only made the entrepreneurial focused magazine’s prestigious list of the top 500, but cracked the top 100, landing at number 54. “It’s a huge honor, and I’m very proud of our team,” said Acoma’s owner, Matthew Anderson. He added, “Making this list has been a benchmark goal of mine since starting the company.” The list is curated each year from thousands of companies and is determined by revenue growth over a three year period. Previous honorees include marquee names such as GoPro (Woodman Labs), Under Armour, and Smashburger. This year’s list of Top 500 companies is responsible for creating 57, 822 jobs. Acoma Energy has grown 4,908% over the last three years and is set to continue the upward trend for years to come. How can they do it? “Just like we did the first eight years; we will continue to focus on taking care of our people, ensuring our focus is as sharp as ever, and never forgetting our values – operating with integrity and doing business the right way.” 


Acoma Energy Recognized as #54 on Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 500” Fastest Growing Companies in 2015

August 17, 2015

Acoma Scores Using Trusty Playbook

August, 2015

In 2011, area production data around Andrews County, Texas began to pique the interest of Acoma Energy. “We saw an opportunity inside a certain piece of the County that looked like it could use some further development,” said owner Matthew Anderson. The company laid the groundwork by leasing contiguous mineral tracts within the prospect area and then partnering with San Antonio based operator, Forge Energy, for the extraction process. Five wells came on strong in 2014 clearing a confident path for a robust schedule of future drilling. In early Spring, 2015, Acoma successfully divested its remaining interest in the prospect in order to redouble efforts elsewhere in the Permian Basin, and to honor mineral purchases and leasehold obligations in Colorado’s DJ Basin. Anderson likes the strategy: “This is what Acoma wants to do — organically grow the prospect, develop it with a prudent operating partner and, ultimately, liquidate the assets to generate revenue and continue to build new prospects.”

Acoma Energy, LLC is staying busy in Denver, Colorado, working quietly with what many deem adverse industry conditions to continue building assets in oil and gas fields across the United States. In the last six months, marked by a precipitous decline in oil prices, Acoma Energy has acquired 1,758 Net Mineral Acres with its partners in Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Texas. “We’ve positioned ourselves well in the Denver Jules Basin along with other basins to continue to acquire and develop oil and gas properties,” said company owner, Matthew Anderson. “While many companies are shuttering their doors, our team has done an excellent job of managing our assets, our cash-flow, and maintaining focus to ensure we continue to purchase mineral and royalty interests along with acquiring leasehold in our targeted areas — all the while ensuring that not one of our employees loses their job. Our team is what matters and keeping them all working is a must.” 

As new leasing, drilling, and development has slowed markedly, Acoma is providing a perfect opportunity for mineral owners to capitalize on their energy resources by offering competitive prices for purchasing them. This way, mineral owners receive a guaranteed payment for their title-approved mineral assets whether or not the property is ever fully developed for oil and gas production. Our company assumes all of the risk while the mineral owner can reap a substantial reward. 

Acoma Pushes Forward with New Acquisitions

July, 2015

Acoma Energy Continues Strong Presence of Operations and Leasehold on Central Basin Platform

October, 2014

Acoma Energy has strategically located and acquired at least 8,000 net acres of potentially productive leasehold located on the Central Basin Platform of the Permian Basin (Andrews, Gaines and Ector Counties, TX) for the development and production of what is believed to be significant oil reservoirs trapped in conventional geological structures throughout the permian time period.  A drilling partner has been identified and agreed to a development plan for all of the acreage in which Acoma Energy will have a variable working interest of some kind.  Allowing the operator to manage the properties is key in development, however, finding a great operator with whom to partner is at least half the battle to gaining confidence in the prospect for the mineral owners and us.  As Acoma and their partners have steered clear of the dry-hole, founder and owner of Acoma conservatively states, “Two things to attribute to our success: 1) We work on smaller tracts of land, piece by piece ensuring that every well we drill has the highest potential for success.  We don’t have to answer to Private Equity partners that demand massive amounts of potentially unproductive tracts of land, we have to answer to ourselves and our commitment to putting together the best prospect possible. 2) Working with operators who know what they are doing.  We keep our friends close and our operators closer.”

Acoma Energy is proud to announce it has passed the 5K mark of net acres purchased in Colorado and Wyoming of potentially liquids-rich acreage.  Completing this feat in under two years, Acoma has made a name for itself in the mineral purchasing arena by ensuring each and every purchase is fair, balanced, and constructive for both the buyer and the seller.  As other companies continue to aggressively approach mineral owners in the areas in which Acoma is active, Acoma has purchased 20% of the 5,000 acres from referrals alone.  Acquisitions Director Ian Lang remembers the start Acoma had in the Rocky Mountain region purchasing mineral interests, “From day one of this project our approach has always been something our mothers would be proud of.  We treat people fairly, sympathize with them should they have problems and ultimately deal with them as if this deal won’t be the last communication we have with them.  Ultimately, they tell their friends, their colleagues and their family members, which time and again leads to another satisfied seller who doesn’t feel anything other than a fair treatment.  That is what I would want for my family and that is how I lead my team of buyers every day.” 

Acoma Energy Crosses 5,000 Net Acres Purchased in DJ Basin

July, 2014

Acoma Energy, f/k/a AED Group, Finds Itself on Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 List for 3rd Year in a Row

May, 2014

Acoma Energy is proud to announce its selection to Inc. Magazine’s prestigious 500/5000 list for the third consecutive year. For more than thirty years this list has celebrated the fastest-growing private companies in America while recognizing the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our economy and the foundation of our democracy. In his congratulatory letter to Acoma Energy, the Inc. president and editor-in-chief wrote, “For 33 years, Inc. has welcomed the fastest-growing private companies in America into a very exclusive club. The average company on the list grew a mind-boggling 516%. Those are results most businesses could only dream of.”  Ranked #3,177 among the fastest growing private companies in energy, experiencing a growth rate of 110% and in the top quintile of all companies recognized this year; Acoma Energy is well positioned for continuous growth by remaining steadfast in its core principles.  Acoma Energy owner, Matthew Anderson, reflects on this honor, “To once again be recognized among so many outstanding private companies is really important to us. As a company, we are stronger than ever, a direct result of the day-to-day commitment of our team. Looking to the year ahead our plan is to continue to grow and to grow well, strategically taking on new development projects and ensuring our drilling operations and partnerships are as strong as ever. We will, however, always remain 100% committed to our core business, our employees, as they are the reason we are where we are today.” 

Working alongside its operating partner, Pacesetter Energy (PSE), Acoma Energy recently sold 100% of its interest in and to the Welborn Prospect located in Andrews County, TX.  After partnering with PSE, Acoma was able to retain a working interest in the drilling, completion, and production of 4 horizontal oil wells targeting the San Andres formation at an approximate depth of 4,200 feet.  Each well tested similarly in their initial IP and subsequently produced on a decline curve which was in line with regional curves of comparable wells if not slightly better.  The sale was between Acoma Energy and a private buyer.  Founder and Owner of Acoma Energy comments on the sale, “Being the originator of the prospect, we were certainly rewarded for the hard work and commitment we put into this project ensuring that the mineral owner(s), the working interest owners, the operating partner and, ultimately, the buyer of our non-op interest were all treated fairly and were included in a great deal all-around.  The oil was in place, we knew it and we made sure to seek it out.  Another shining moment for a company such as ours to display our ability to turn little deals that may not be attractive to so many into a great deal which continues to allow Acoma to work in its natural, debt-free manner.”

Acoma Energy Completes Divesture of Non-Operating Working Interest in 4 Successful Wells in Andrews County, TX

February 15, 2014